Barnes & Noble Prepping New E-Reader for Spring Launch

January 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new weapon (or a Nook weapon?) to be used in the war between two book sellers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, is getting ready in the labs of the latter. The new weapon is part of Barnes & Noble’s plan to strike Amazon with another e-reader.

Though the company is facing a struggling time since the decline of the brick and mortar book stores in the market, they are trying to put up with the competition by switching to selling more e-Books and e-reader devices to the customers. The new device, will be the latest one they will be bringing out as part of attracting more e-book sales in the virtual world, than hard bound book sales in the real world.

The new rig will be the fifth e-reader to be made by Barnes & Noble. Though nothing much is not known about the new device, than it is being prepared at their labs in Silicon Valley, there are plenty of rumors emerging.

The device is not yet came out its hood of secrecy for us to confirm if it is a black and white e-ink reader or something else. However, there is reliable information that the device which is being beta tested at Barnes & Noble’s Silicon Valley labs will hit the markets in Spring 2012.

The timing makes us think about their Nook Simple Touch which came to the stage during Spring last year. So with the time frame, there is logic in believing that the new device can be an upgrade to Nook in its features.

However, there are rumors that the new device, is actually Barnes & Noble’s answer to the 10 inch Kindle Fire, which according to tipsters, Amazon is developing. In that way, we may find a 10 inch Nook tablet coming out as well.

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