Pentax Optio VS20 Sports Vertical Shutter Release Button for Portrait Shoot

January 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever felt discomfort in searching for the shutter release button on your compact cam while taking an all set portrait. Pentax has rolled out a new model of snapping machine in the compact camera category which has the incredible feature of two shutter release buttons.

Dubbed as Pentax Optio VS20, this compact device from Pentax has a vertical shutter release button in addition to the normal horizontal one.

The additional shutter release is meant to make portrait shooting an easy job. Moreover, the button on the vertical side comes with a zoom lever too, to help you compose the frames easily.

The cam packs a high power 20X optical zoom lens with 28-560 mm equivalency. The vertical shutter release button and zoom lever will help you make use of this high power zoom not only in picking portraits, but also for high rise buildings too.

You can’t just imagine how far Pentax will go to satisfy its customers. Apart from the shutter release and zoom lever on the vertical side, Optio VS20 has a tripod socket too at the vertical side, to help you get stable shots without turning the neck of your tripod.

Going by the other specs, it has a 3 inch HVGA LCD display. Apart from being large, it has undergone an anti-glare treatment which offers improved visibility to the user by blocking reflections and stains. The rig comes with an independent movie recording button too.

At any instant you can just press it to start high definition 1280×720 pixel video shooting. To help you unleash your visual experiments, the new model comes with a set of new filters named Fish-eye, Miniature and Sketch mode.

The camera will hit the markets next month with an expected price tag of $250 in Black and white shades.

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