Nintendo Network Is Now Official, Coming To Wii U

January 27, 2012, By Christian Davis

Nintendo has confirmed that their online service, now known as the Nintendo Network, is coming to the 3DS and will later expand to the Wii U when the console ships at the end of this year. Nintendo hasn’t been the best when it comes to online support for their titles and we’re more than happy to see them turning things around.

I understand if you’re still a bit skeptical about their second attempt at online functionality, especially when their first effort was less than stellar. From their statement however, it has us pretty excited about the future of the Nintendo Network and we’re it’ll be a viable source for online play.

There are a slue of new features coming to the Nintendo Network one of which is the introduction of personal accounts which have been asked for since the day the horrendous friend codes were introduced. We’re unsure if this means that they’ll completely remove the friend codes system but we’re hoping it will work  in the same light as the Xbox 360’s and PS3’s gamertag set up including individual friends lists . Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that this would make it easier on families to have multiple users on the same system and we believe him.

Nintendo is also toying with the idea of offering retail games as digital downloads through the Nintendo Network. We think this would be similar to the Xbox’s Games on Demand service except we’ll be getting titles the day they hit store shelves as digital downloads. Since the console won’t have an on-board hard drive, the use of an external one will alleviate any worries about how much space you’d need to dedicate since it could in a sense be unlimited.

For Nintendo’s full statement, head here.

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