Lumia Popularity Spells Good Tidings for Nokia in Time for a Platform Change

January 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is the time for earning calls from all major companies, and Nokia looks like presenting a poor picture in the last quarter of 2011. They found their sales going down by 13 percent.

The Lumia model, in the meanwhile, garnered a warm response in the market. But the total device revenue of Nokia during the period declined by 18 percent.

Though the figures are down, that does not mean that Nokia is going to doom. The most important factor is that they are still in the metamorphosis from the Symbian platform to Windows Phone. Any massive strategy shift in industry, usually keeps the figures down with companies.

Despite the transition phase, their Lumia devices are having a very good time in the market. Within this time they were able to sell at least a million units.

A million units is not a big number as far a popular gadget like a smartphone is concerned, especially when compared to other buzzing status of Windows Phones in the market.

But the point is that Nokia has rolled out their Lumia only last November. And, they are yet to hit many major markets around the world. So a quick math and some logic will give it that the figure is the best one during a platform change.

If you are still skeptical about the chances of Windows – Nokia alliance to take off well, just think how Lumia was a buzz word at the CES. Microsoft did have sour experiences with its mobile efforts, but we think, the story will be the other way around with Nokia.

What we feel is that, what Lumia is doing in the last few months in the market and its magic spell at CES is surely going to help both Nokia and the Windows Phone platform to have a great time  when Apple iPhone and a number of Android devices are eating up the market share.

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