Is New Super Mario Bros. 2: Miyamoto’s Secret Project?

January 27, 2012, By Nicholas Davis

After the success of Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS – selling nearly six million copies world wide –  it looks like Nintendo might be going backwards to the original 2D style of New Super Mario Bros. which released back in 2006.

We’re not sure why Nintendo would want to go back to a 2D style of gameplay after the great reviews and success that the 3D Mario has brought to the handheld. In the end we couldn’t be happier if Nintendo makes New Super Mario Bros. 2 a reality. It sold well over 26 million copies world wide. If Nintendo added a few 3D features then it would probably achieve the same outstanding numbers that it’s predecessor achieved.

Since this 2D powerhouse of a game could be coming to a more powerful DS, handheld fans might be expecting something a bit more than a regular 2D style gameplay. What could Nintendo do to make this game different from it’s successful original? What 3D features would make this game worth buying? New levels would add some degree of difficulty but is that enough for gamers these days to go and purchase a repeat of a game nearly six years old with spruced up graphics?

We hope that Nintendo takes full advantage of the 3D capability.

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