Fine Art Friday: Johnathan Fletcher’s Super Mario Brothers

January 27, 2012, By Christian Davis

Hey readers! Welcome to the first installment of Fine Art Friday. Here on DeviceMAG we noticed there was a completely untouched portion of the gaming industry on the site – specifically when it came to the wonderful art that populates it. So, we decided to add this new weekly segment to highlight a wonderful work of art that we’ve come across on the internet. There are many talented artists out there, both professional and amateur, that should not go unnoticed.

For our first week, we have an incredible spin on one of gaming’s favorite characters brothers, Mario and Luigi. Splash Damage’s environment artist Johnathan Flethcer designed this new iteration of the famous plumbers. One of the best things about the characters is the back-story that he developed for the overshadowed brother Luigi.

On the Polycount Forums he writes:

His jealousy of Mario and his success turned him to a life of alcohol and drugs, where he developed heavy mental damage and severe paranoia causing him to believe that ghosts are attacking him. He fights them off with his trusty Henry Hoover.

The designs for the characters are great and having a more mature spin on the Super Mario Bros. would make for an excellent game. He even made a video of the characters in motion and you’re just begging for someone to press the start button and explore this world.

Take note Nintendo! To see more work from Johnathan, head over to his website.

Let us know what you think of the art piece in the comments below.

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