Apple Devices Popular Among Bosses and Enterprises, Says Forrester Survey

January 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A recent survey has revealed that a good number of company bosses use products from the iGiant’s labs at work.

Well, many of our readers may not agree with it, but the outcome of a survey conducted by Forrester Research has found that majority of the people who are more likely to use an Apple product tends to be the top brass of the organizations.

The survey, which will be out soon, has a lot of interesting information on the social profile of the Apple users worldwide.

By analyzing the results of the survey conducted among nearly 10000 information workers in 17 countries, Frank Gillet, who did the study for Forrester, has made a sketch of the profile of the typical person using iPad, iPhone or Macintosh at work.

As per the figures found by the study, 43 percent of the respondents who earns more than $150000 a year use Apple machines for work. This is twice more than the $50000 to $99000 group.

Interestingly, 41 percent of the respondents, who identified themselves as directors in their respective organizations, said they used Apple products at work.

The trend also reflects at all levels of enterprise companies. 46 percent of the enterprise companies under the survey issued Mac to employees, which is more than half of the figure two years ago. As per the study, 7 percent of all the computers in such companies are Macs.

The figures, especially on personal use of Apple products, show the direct relationship between high income group and the chances of using Apple products. That is not a very big deal in market performance.

After all, how many are there earning that much bucks every time. But the crux of the matter with the study is that Apple is now having more presence in business environments than they used to. So who is losing their base? Microsoft, who else?

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