Angry Birds Heading for Facebook this Valentine’s Day

January 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s so special about this Valentine? It is going to be an avian valentine, it seems. Your favorite Angry Birds is hitting social network site Facebook on this Valentine’s Day.  The birds will come flying to the midst of more than 800 million Facebook users on February 14th this year, with an official launch in Jakarta, the global capital of Facebook.

The game, when it launches on Facebook, is expected to provide a heightened animation experience with its full screen capabilities. Then the question, how it will be on Facebook?

Obviously, the basic version of the game will be free of cost. Just everybody can simply start falling in love with the birds this Valentine onwards. But if you need something more, the birds are bringing them along.

A power upgrade can be purchased for just $0.99, if you think the battle is not powerful enough. When launched in Facebook, the power ups will help you get bigger and stronger birds.

If you want more to swipe away the nasty pigs, just get a stronger catapult which is also packed with the power upgrade. For adding to the anger of the birds, the power up will give you an additional earth quake weapon too.

Launching into Facebook with such a power-up (though very cheap) is expected to make Rovio a lot of bucks in no time, since surveys have suggested that players opting for paid power ups are more among Angry Bird players.

While just 3 to 4 percent players go for paid upgrades in other games, it is 40 percent among Angry Birds players. Well, with all social networking features, you can assume how people will be running for the power ups to beat each others in the scores.

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