Sony Nyphon and Tapioca Surface in Leaked Shots

January 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is time to add more to the recent Sony leaks. Two new devices from the stables of Sony, which are yet to be confirmed officially, have surfaced in the tech news sphere as wild shots.

We do believe that the devices are nothing but Sony Nyphon and Tapioca. Well, going by the first set of leaked pics, they don’t show up more than just the top and bottom of the device, but sources confirm that this could be nothing but Sony LT21i, otherwise code named as Tapioca.

The device, says the leaked info so far, will be a low line product from Sony, looking out for not very ambitious Sony lovers. Tapioca, as per our information, has a 3.2 inch HVGA display and is powered by a 800 MHz single core processor.

With a 4 GB internal storage, the new device from Sony has just 512 MB RAM. To meet the basic needs, it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The camera on this device too, is not very top end, with just 3.2 mega pixel resolution. The device is mainly meant for Asian markets it seems, going by the specs.

Tipsters hint that the new entrant may hit markets somewhere in July. The other leak, though with detailed pics, is a little confusing.

As per information, the device in the picture is Sony Nyphon, which is code named as LT22i by Sony. However, the features are not in line with earlier Nyphon rumors.

So we are not sure whether to zero in on the identity of the device in picture right now. It is seen to spot three physical buttons at the bottom, which the early Nyphon leaks do not reveal.

However, going by the lump on its back, it can be assumed that the guy comes with a better battery. We are a little confused on this, but we do hope that the exact details will emerge soon, since MWC will kick off in a few days.

Stay tuned to get more news then.

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