More Next Gen Xbox Rumors Discuss Blu Ray Player, Kinect Integration, And Blocks Used Games?

January 25, 2012, By Christian Davis

I’m now looking forward to each rumor for the next-gen Xbox, especially if they’re all this interesting.  A new report from Kotaku says that industry sources claim that Microsoft’s next console will have the next iteration of Kinect built into the console, a Blu Ray player and could possibly have some sort of anti-used games technology built into the system.

Everything aside from the last possible feature, you should be ok with. The fact that they’re even thinking about having a system that doesn’t play used games is not something anybody would have expected. That is major trouble for stores that sell used games, specifically GameStop. However, thanks to the newly implemented online passes, no one is buying used games as often anyways.

The next Kinect being integrated into the new console is a great idea and there are even several details about that as well. A source familiar to Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming system says that the new Kinect will not only be integrated into the console but will contain an on-board processor (intended for the original Kinect) which will allow the sensor to read the motions of the player more accurately.

Yesterday, we put up a report regarding the next-gen Xbox’s GPU. Today, Fudzilla published another report that the upcoming console will be a PowerPC  combined to a modified ATI Southern Islands  7000 series GPU. These chips are currently in production and the first batch of these chips will be included in development kits only.

It’s only January and 2012 is already an exciting year.


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