Modern Warfare 3’s Elite DLC Schedule Is Given More Detail

January 25, 2012, By Christian Davis

Until now, the only information we’ve gotten regarding Modern Warfare 3’s DLC schedule is that it would take place over nine months. We didn’t know what type of DLC, what date, or how much it would cost for those who didn’t have the premium version of Call of Duty Elite.

Now we’ve got a better idea of their DLC schedule. It doesn’t answer all of the questions but we at least know what to expect each month: new maps, new modes, and new missions. There aren’t any names for them just yet but I think that means we’ll see some old favorites such as Crash or Scrapyard. Though something I’d like to see in the future are the inclusion of new weapons, perks, or killstreaks as DLC.

Here’s the schedule below:

  • February: Map
  • March: Map, two missions
  • April: Two maps
  • May: Map, mission
  • June: Map, mission, mode
  • July: Two maps
  • August: Map, mission, mode
  • September: Map, mission

There are only two new modes coming to the game -which is nice- but we don’t know if that includes the community playlist or not. Then we’ve got 10 more multiplayer maps coming down the pipeline, bringing the total to 12 (Liberation and Piazza were released on the 24th), and we have six more spec-ops missions coming as well.

Nice schedule if you ask me. There’s nothing better than a consistent stream of new content to keep a game feeling fresh. Now keep in mind, these will arrive first for Elite Premium members on the Xbox 360. Then they’ll be released to everyone else.

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