Dell Alienware 2012 Notebook Line Up Leaked

January 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaks again! I wonder how we would have ever managed without these leaks. Here we have received one more. The details of Alienware’s 2012 notebook line-up has come out publically well before an official announcement.

If the new leak is anything to go by (we do believe it, in fact), the company is going to add more features to its existing M14X, M17X and M18X models. The new entrant named M17X R2 will have three GPU options for the consumer to choose between.

They are learnt to pack either an AMD Radeon 7970M Graphics Processing Unit  or two NVIDIA options – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M.

Another rig in the new line up, the M14X R2 will offer two trendy shades for the consumer. As per the leak, they will hit the market in black and red exteriors. With this machine, the users are expected to have the power of an integrated GPU which will be a part of the mother board.

Though the exact GPU options are still concealed under the secret books of the company, there are hints that the model will extend 1 GB or 2 GB graphics card options.

Like the M14X R2, M18X R2 also learnt to come in two colors – red and black. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about this machine from the tipsters.

Though what is revealed so far is nothing much to dream about these hidden line up from Alienware, we can hopefully think that the machines will be rocking when they come out.

Dell is yet to confirm the details emerged through the leaks officially. Keep tuned till we get any official word from Dell, meanwhile, welcome to new leaks.

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