Blizzard Skipping Blizzcon 2012 To Focus On Games

January 25, 2012, By Christian Davis

Here’s your dose of bitter-sweet news for the day: Blizzcon will not be happening this year. Yes, it does suck however there’s a damn good reason for it. In case you forgot, Blizzard plans on releasing three of the biggest titles this year: Diablo III, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

With games of that caliber coming, I’d cancel any events I had too. Can you really be upset at a company who wants to dedicate as much time as possible to their games and ensure that they’re of the highest quality? No, you really can’t.

Not only are they focusing on their games but there’s the 2012 World Championships taking place in Asia at the end of this year. Starcraft is like a national sport over there and that has to be perfect for eSports communities all over the world.

Yes, there won’t be a Blizzcon this year, but that just means you can save up money for next years. Seriously, you not going to Blizzcon this year means you won’t end up buying an $80 Zerg backpack, or $150 Warcraft figurines, or that over price bland convention food that you regret buying the instant you take a bite. In a way, Blizzard is doing you a favor.

Thanks Blizzard!

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