Apple TV hits 1.4 Million Units During Holiday Quarter

January 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What do you think the market prospects of something like Apple TV when compared to other weapons in Apple’s camp? If you frown upon this lesser hyped product from Apple as a product for cranky ones, the sales figures show something else.

As per the latest earning call from Apple, the Cupertino giant was able to sell about 1.4 million Apple TVs during the holiday quarter only. Amazed? Here is more reason.

The figure is not a tiny one, since it constitutes about half of the total Apple TVs sold in 2011. When taken in total, it will constitute one third of the total Apple TV units the company was able to sell in the market from the beginning.

Well, such a shoot up in figures, in such a small period. What does it mean for something like Apple TV, which was very sluggish in its market performance in the beginning?

We feel that the figures show that the device is going to accelerate more in the market, despite a dull start. The picture is clearer when we compare with the competitor just behind.

If Apple was able to hit the 4.2 m figure in a matter of one and half years, Roku, the next best selling name in the category, managed to hit just 2.5 million, that too in a three year time. These figures are nothing when compared to Xbox 360 which sold nearly a million units in one week during holiday quarter.

But, undoubtedly, streaming boxes are not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s a small market of people who love streaming content on their TV.

But the digits show that Apple is the king here too.

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