Android OS Forecast as Beating iOS as Developers’ Favorite

January 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here is some good news for Android freaks who always keep an eye on the race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s OS.  It has been forecast that that Android will race forward iOS in importance given by developers in the imminent future.

In a rather very risky prediction, industry analyst Ovum claims that within a matter of 12 months, a majority of developers will opt for Android as their favorite platform.

Ovum has zeroed in on this prediction based on the outcome of their annual developer survey. However, a majority of the respondents in the survey have opined that they support both the platforms right now.

The survey has also revealed that the developers tend to move away from cross platform methods like Java and Flash. The trend is to depend on web based methods like HTML 5.

Though the shift in interest is visible in the choice of platform and methods, developers still find places like Android Market better for distributing their app to the public.

Similar surveys show that Apple’s iOS is going to have a bleak performance in popularity in the coming quarters. The findings from Ovum come at a time when IHS figures show that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS is overtaking iOS.

It has been predicted that the Windows Phone 7 will make a serious dent on the iOS market share within a span of three years.

It seems that in developers end also, iOS will have Windows Phone 7 OS as the major competitor. If it happens, the case will be same in the market too, in the near future.

The findings from Ovum are important, not just as a trend revealer among the developers. It is more useful to predict the market shifts in the future, since a sway in developers’ choice towards a certain platform will affect the number and variety of apps available with the platform which, in turn, will influence its popularity.

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