Android Apps that Help Save Battery Life, and Much More

January 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android Battery Life App

The battery life of your device is always something of a concern, right? You are never certain of when it might die or when you may need to make that important phone call. Though there are many apps to help you save battery life, we recently found a test report on Android Website AndroidPIT about a new app which offers a number of useful options for you to decide how to save power and prolong your dying battery.

Application Settings Report

Dubbed, Juice Defender Ultimate, the app helps you retain the battery or ‘juice’ of your phone for a longer period of time.

It comes in free beta version with the option of paid versions in addition. As per the test report, the app has a set of default or pre selected settings including:

  1. Disconnecting the internet whenever the device goes to stand-by, so that unnecessary power consumption is avoided.
  2. Prioritising applications and how Wi-Fi networks are to be managed.
  3. The choice to set up detailed timetables to decide the behaviour of the device for a period of time. The benefit being that functions can be regulated in detail.
  4. One of our favourite features of this app is its ability to recognize and recall frequently used Wi-Fi networks and set up exceptions for specific applications.

Apart from the usual functions offered by similar Android apps, Juice Defender gives the user the ability to set up detailed timetables to decide upon the behaviour of their device for a given period of time.

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