Windows 8 to Hit Market this October; in an Intel Machine or ARM is the Big Question

January 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though many analysts have predicted that the Microsoft and the allied manufacturers are planning to launch the Windows 8 somewhere in next year, we think the product will be out before that.

With some guesswork and following Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini’s words and other sources for some time, we do smell Intel machines stuffed with the new OS platform are somewhere around this year itself.

Windows 8 has been playing a lot of hide and seek lately. We dug the bags at the stalls at CES to find anything which will give us a better revelation of this latest OS from Microsoft, but what we got was really superficial stuff, mainly from Otellini’s presentation on how the new platform will create ultra books convertibles.

We love Otellini because, being the CEO, he often comes out with some slip of the tongue which as secret searchers in the gadget manufacturing world we really care about.

Recently this top guy at Intel said that the Windows 8 tablets are at the production queue and we fill the remaining blanks as – to hit the market soon.

Well, the million dollar question is, will it come out on an Intel powered machine or ARM one? We are not pretty sure.

Our tipsters around ARM circle promise that they have not found any ground intelligence that helps them zero in on any possible ARM machine with Windows 8, getting prepared for a launch.

With some homework, we think we can be pretty sure on finding the new platform this year itself. Usually Windows releases are hatched out once in every three years.

In October, it will be well three years since they have launched their last version, Windows 7. So we think, we have all reason to believe that we will see Windows 8 this year itself.

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