Smart eBook Interface Allows a Bunch of New Navigation Features with e-Books [Video]

January 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

e-Books have entered a new era by almost turning to be the replica of their real life counterparts with Apple introducing iBooks 2 recently. But more exciting stuff is yet to come out, it seems.

A recently patented e-Book interface from KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence is just amazing since it allows you to flip the pages of an e-Book just like you do it with a real book.

The navigation through this interface is richer when compared to Apple’s iBooks app. Apart from the usual page flip motion; it gives you a set of other options. Bezel moding helps the user to just move the pages with a slight movement inwards from the bezel.

Similarly, it offers flipping through pages with a single finger. This way you can just flip single page or multiple pages by changing the pressing time or speed. If you press for longer time and flip, the Smart eBook Interface will flip through more pages than when you press for lesser time.

Apart from flipping with finger tips, the interface can respond to finger gestures also. You can just write the number of a page, using your finger on the interface. It will automatically take you to the page.

The conventional way of bookmaking with fingers is also possible on this interface. Users can just keep the finger between some pages while going through the remaining book, as they do with a real book. The KAIST interface is something which will make the usually cumbersome process of going through the pages of an eBook easier, if you are not navigating linear.

If you still think that we are just going blah blah on something which does not exist, check out the video below to find how a prototype of this Smart eBook Interface runs on an iPad. But the sad thing is that it will not come to the App Store, since it makes use of private APIs.

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