Samsung Galaxy S II Ad – The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Mocks iPhone 4S and Apple Fans

January 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems there is no respite from the fight between Apple and Samsung.

Not even on your TV screen. Samsung has again hit the Apple fans with its new ad saying that the ‘Next Big Thing is Already Here’.

The ad series which comes heavily up on Apple fans and the forthcoming Apple iPhone 4S, mocks the Apple motto of bringing out the next big thing.

The ads in this series show Apple fans as foolish people queuing up in front of Apple shops to get the new device from the Cupertino giant who gets surprised to see the bigger screen with the Galaxy S II and its 4G speeds.

The ads show Apple fans as trapped in stereotyped beliefs. In the first ad among the series, a barista waits outside an Apple shop along with friends.

He feels envy about the Samsung Galaxy S II device in the hands of another person. Even then, he says “I can never get a Samsung, I am creative”.

The latest ad in the series brings back this infamous barista. It shows how his friends are going for camping, as he talks with another friend who owns a Galaxy S II. The barista finds his friend and his new phone just amazing.

The Galaxy guy and his girl friend want to join a camp site, and he has found one in his Galaxy S II instantly. “4G” he says to the dumbstruck barista.

The Galaxy guy  then only understands that the other guys are going to camp up in front of an Apple outlet to get the new iPhone 4S.

Airing ads which mock fans of a certain company and their products is not a novel approach in advertising. But how much it will be a success in building up good will is yet to watch out.

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