Sony Introduces 3G data Plans to PS Vita

January 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you didn’t know, Sony had implemented a 3G update to their PlayStation Vita a week ago. The update was so secret that the story hasn’t take up the top spots in the news space.

It is just another incidence in the sequence, to show that Sony has always valued the adaptation of its device to newer technology.

Sony has retained the $15 plan that allows 250 MB usage for 30 days, while it increased the cost of 3GB plan to $30, from the previous price of $5.

However, the validity of both the plans remains at 30 days, and both can be accessed from the Vita. The shift in data plan can be viewed in the backdrop of a recent hike in AT&T data plans.

The plans are aimed at people interested in online gaming, which is more helpful when you are out of the possibilities of Wi-Fi or group gaming through LAN cables. The plan offers more than just gaming, and you can get updates and messages regarding games. Online gaming is a wonderful opportunity to establish social relations too.

It is still unclear how the people would receive the price hike. People would likely to compare the price hike with the recent economic setbacks.

Meanwhile, the plans are likely to arrive at your hand by February 22, and those who pre-order the option might get it a week earlier.

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