Guild Wars 2 Confirmed For 2012, Beta Info Included

January 23, 2012, By Christian Davis

There has been a lot of speculation for the release date of Guild Wars 2, many gamers assuming that it would be coming out this year. Turns out they were absolutely correct. Today in a blog post on ArenaNet’s president Mike O’ Brien confirmed that the long awaited Guild Wars 2 will be released in 2012.

If that wasn’t enough to get any fan excited, he even went and let us know when we’ll be getting our hands on it first as well. The blog post discusses a beta that you’ll gain access through invites (like most betas). Here’s the caption below:

“We recently finished our first closed beta test, and we’re now ready to hold progressively larger events. In February we’ll invite select press to participate in beta testing, and in March and April we’ll aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events so that many of you will have a chance to participate. And of course, this all leads to the release of Guild Wars 2 later this year.”

Yes, the term “later year” is rather vague and of course there’s always the possibility of delays, just be happy that’s it’s coming and you’ll be playing it soon. The previous Guild Wars was free to play, so hopefully this will follow in the same suit.

Who’s excited for Guild Wars 2? Let us know in the comments.

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