Apple Suit Against Samsung Over Slide to Unlock Feature

January 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems the disparities between Apple and Samsung over the right of invention would never end. In the last week, Apple filed a bunch of law suits against Samsung in Germany. It is said that the law suits are related to patent infringement in Samsung’s ten smartphones and five tablets.

The issue assumes added gravity as Apple finds that some of the Samsung’s devices have illegally crossed the barriers of Apple’s patent.

Apple claims that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, an Android powered device, has directly violated the international patent norms, and they filed a suit against Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was one of the most successful devices in the previous year.

There have been reports about a suit which alleged that Samsung has replicated Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’ feature in the Galaxy Nexus.

The slide to unlock feature was previously featured on iPhone, and they have got a patent for the technology after its implementation. Since the patent is still valid, it is more possible that the verdict would be in favor of Apple.

According to Foss Patents, the German court would give a rule on the issue on March 16th. Details about the other law suits are unclear for the moment.

In the mean time, you can check Foss Patents for details regarding the ongoing dispute. To know the future of Samsung in this regard, however, you will have to wait little longer.

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