6 Player Co-Op Coming To Resident Evil 6?

January 23, 2012, By Christian Davis

Now that Resident Evil 6 is confirmed and accompanied with an awesome trailer, details about the game are slowly leaking out. One of the most eye catching of them is the possible inclusion of a six player cooperative experience for the title. After a game’s confirmation, Xbox.com will put up the game listing with some basic information, which is where the co-op was mentioned. We’ve seen co-op before in Resident Evil 5, which had two player co-op and in the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will include four player co-op when it launches in March; so experiencing Resident Evil 6 with friends is expected. It’s the number of players that can participate which is surprising.

So what mode will this be included in? It’s not listed anywhere from what we’ve seen, but my best bet would be some sort of horde mode. It’s not the first time we’ve had to survive a repeating onslaught of zombies and it won’t be the last. Odds of Resident Evil 6 having a mode similar to this wouldn’t be surprising though we’d hope demand that the story experience is the priority.

If the game had this many players playing simultaneously in the story mode, that could seriously hurt the scare factor for the game since these games are suppose to be survival horror titles.

Despite all skepticism, the game does look fantastic based off the trailer but we’ll see how it plays when we get out hands on it in the future.


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