Product Review: Remote Control with the Magic Kymera Wand

January 21, 2012, By George Lang

Move over Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii motion-sensitive controllers, the Kymera Wand is about to perform some home theater magic! The buttonless, infrared (IR), remote control stick allows the home entertainment enthusiast to conduct a magical manipulation of electronic components with only the gestures of a wand.

This gadget has opened a brand new swath of gimmickry for us Muggle-born common folk, for it is the Harry Potters of the world who better handle such intrepid devices. Of course, being of musical Muggles‘ persuasion and heritage, a lineage started long before Harry Potter was a synaptic twinkle in J.K. Rowling’s gray matter (see Louis Armstrong), when all else fails I can surely use the wand for conducting my next live jazz concerto.

The Kymera Wand offers infrared remote users the chance to abandon their common genealogy in favor of a risky display of whimsical fantasy; an exercise that just might set them so far apart from their normal, push-button friends and family that loneliness and depression are the end result.

Still, some are willing to accept that dubious risk. For those, we have a manufacturer video that is sure to grab the geeky side of your attention span:

Despite its auspicious intent, the Kymera Wand does little to advance the architectural notion that form should follow function. In fact, little (if any) real purpose – other than to impress easily-impressible family and friends – is evident.

The Kymera Wand sells for an astoundingly high $74-$90, considering a “normal,” equally-functional, pushbutton IR remote goes for under $20 at your local RadioShack. Kymera is a product of The Wand Company, Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Programming instructions can be found in downloadable PDF format by clicking on the highlighted company name above. DeviceMAG gives this magical gimmickry three wands out of six for its expensive attempt at pleasing the easily-pleasable!

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