Mobikoma Concept: Assemble Your Own Phone/Tablet

January 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you miss the little tile games you used to play as a kid? Of course you do. Do you want your phone to be some fun like that?

You may not have thought about it. But Kamil Izrailov has thought, extensively, about a design that finally took the form of Mobikoma concept phone.

The Mobikoma concept phone is based on modules that fasten on to each other via micro locks. Each module has its own power supply and computing processor making it a powerful individual.

Basically you have some tiles for you to put together as a phone or a tablet, yes you have that option as well, and have fun with the gadget.

The back of each module has some markings to help you put them together. Mobikom’s key elements have programmed buttons while some others do not have them.

There are two specific elements dedicated to the SIM storage with phone memory and microphone. You can identify these elements with their fancy etchings on the back.

You can either design a mini cell phone sized 22mm x 44mm x 6mm or a tablet with a maximum size of 1.5m x 2m. The tablet also responds to wireless communications like Wi-Fi.

How cool is that?


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