Samsung 2012 Smartphone Line Up to Boast Batteries That Last All Day

January 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Along with higher resolution displays, faster processors and high end specifications, comes high battery drain. If you are a heavy user, do not even imagine your smartphone battery lasting for a whole day.

Samsung hopes to make us say “wrong”. The company has announced intentions to deliver new devices with batteries that are capable of lasting all day.

The company now plans to improve the battery life of their new smartphones that will hit the stores this year. “When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don’t want you feeling anxiety about your battery life,” a company official has been quoted as saying.

So how are they going to achieve this? By including larger capacity batteries in new devices, and also working on optimizing different aspects of their new smartphones, to ensure that they give better battery life.

More specifically, Samsung is looking to improve the way a smartphone will search for WiFi, and how often it powers up the 4G LTE radio so that there is less battery drain.

Sammy has admitted that they weren’t quite there yet, in regard to improvements on power efficiency, but noted there has been progress. The manufacturer now believes that they can do better in the area.

So Samsung smartphones’ battery life is one thing to keep track on for this year. You ready?

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