Mamiya Digital and Leaf Imaging Join Hands to Rule Medium Format Camera Space

January 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is, for sure, good news to photography enthusiasts, especially for those who eye medium-format photography. Two major players in the field, Mamiya Digital Imaging and Leaf Imaging have decided to join hands and unite, to be a single entity named Mamiyaleaf in the future course.

Though earlier controlled by same company, Phase One, the union of the two companies will give out better competition in the medium format photography market, as per photography market gurus are concerned.

While photography switched from analog to digital, the use of larger film frames to get quality visuals turned expensive as the increase in sensor size in digital cameras increased the price too.

Medium format cameras, which had a removable back, had a good time with companies like Phase One and Leaf making digital versions which can be attached to the camera bodies. In the beginning, the major competitors for these companies in the medium format camera market were Pentax and Hasselbald who made integrated parts with fixed image censors.

However, as major 35mm DSLR makers like Nikon and Canon came down with prices and up with quality, the completion became stiff for medium format photography market too.

An 80 mega pixel medium format cam from Phase One-Mamiya combination will cost anything close to $40000, but, new machines from Nikon seem to offer up to 36 megapixels for a lesser price.

So the point is, the new partnership between Leaf and Tokyo-based Mamiya – which made camera bodies and lenses – will help the medium format cameras to put up better competition in the market.

The companies are now trying to pool their R&D excellence to come out with devices of better specifications featuring not so heavy price tags. Well, let us wait and see.

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