Hit the Gym, or Pay Up: GymPact App for iPhone Makes You Sweat it Out [Video]

January 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The reasons for one deciding to go to the gym are not many, so are the reasons why one skips gym regularly. Now with the new iPhone app called GymPact, you are going to pay for your laziness, literally.

If you need that push to hit the gym, this one is the best. Basically, you offer up your credit card if you do not check in for at least 30 minutes at a gym, you will pay an amount of your choice, between $5 and $50.

GymPact currently has about 40,000 gyms in the database, but a user can add a new gym by checking in during a 30-minute workout.

There is more. Your money will then be given to those who did keep up to their gym pact. Now that’s cool.

We really think of what you have on the line as the number of days you’re committing. That is the focus of the program; how many days can we get you to go to the gym every week, GymPact’s founder Yifan Zhang said. The man believes in hitting you where it hurts.

Users can opt out of the program for the following week at any time, but cannot leave during the current week-long pact. However, users that get injured during the week can provide a medical exemption note from a doctor or employer to opt out of the current pact. Okay sir.

The promotional video of the app (posted below) boasted a 90 percent success rate in a pilot program. Anyway, we wonder if the app can tell whether you were sweating at the gym or chilling out.

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