Olympus 16 MP Camera Set to Arrive with OM-D Branding Soon

January 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oh My Goodness will be the perfect phrase to describe your the reaction on what Olympus is going to show you in the near future. Or, so feels the snapper maker.

The company has started bringing out such teasers, saying that they cannot share the details of the device at this moment. We perceive this teaser as Olympus’ new initiative in the camera battle. But what could be it? An ILC, SLR, or is it something else?

We don’t know. But rumors are rife that they are going to debut a new compact cam with high-end specs with some connection with the company’s old brand.

The emphasis given to the O and M letters in the ad certainly reminds us about its old days when Olympus’ OMcams were the kings in the SLR market.

There are also reports that the company has applied for an OM-D trade mark logo recently in Germany. Joining all the dots together, there are certain sources who believe that the device is slated to have a February 8 launch with pieces started to be shipped in March. As per the grapevine, it will come with a price tag of $1,100.

However, market gurus who closely watch the trends in the photography equipment industry feels that the OM-D from Olympus should be hitting the general category by outing a higher end device than their existing products in the Pen family.

Rumors also predict that the new product will feature a 16 MP sensor and ISO up to 25600. It is expected to have a waterproof body of just 425 grams weight. As per what we hear, it will have an integrated electronic view finder and in-body image stabilization technology stuffed into it.

Well, we are tired with analyzing these rumors, so it would be better that we wait for March to dawn, when Olympus will unveil the secret. Meanwhile, tell us if you come across any leak from Olympus.

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