Zappos Account Holders Hacked

January 17, 2012, By George Lang

Shopping for sexy sportswear has just become a bit riskier folks. Over 24,000,000 Zappos customers may have had their personal information compromised. The company is asking account holders to change their passwords because hackers have infiltrated the database.

According to’s Redtape, “Cyber criminals may have accessed customers’ names, e-mail addresses, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, and the last four digits of consumers’ credit card numbers, the firm said in an announcement that was posted on Zappos’ Web site late Sunday night. Full credit card numbers were not stolen, the firm said, because they were stored separately… Zappos has set up a special Web page for customers to visit and change the password: is an online retailer of sporting shoes, clothing, bags, etc.

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The never-ending saga of online security breaches continues to be written across the Internet with gusto. Zappos is just another in a long line of “impervious” victims to have their security compromised:

    • Qriocity and the PlayStation Network: “Sony released an official statement saying that as many as 77 million Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity users had been accessed by the intruders. These intruders had obtained the phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, passwords, and real names of these users, though Sony claimed that the credit card details of users had been encrypted and untouched.”
    • Hackers had “potentially taken the passwords and source code for nearly 25 million blogs and websites hosted by WordPress.”
    • Epsilon: “No less than 26 major companies have confirmed that the lists of their customers’ emails had been taken. These companies included TiVo, Capitol One Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Walgreens, Citi, and Best Buy. While passwords and other sensitive data has been confirmed to be intact, these companies warned that the number of phishing and spam emails were going to increase thanks to this data breach.”
    • RSA: “The insecurity caused for the 40 million users of SecurID and 250 million smartphone owners is certainly a large repercussion.”
    • Voice of America: “Was attacked by a pro-Iran group of cybercriminals calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army. The Voice of America homepage was edited by the ICA in order to denounce the U.S. participation in the revolutions taking place in the Muslim world.”

And these were just during “the first few months of 2011” (Source: Sorry, there isn’t a one-piece “love bra” in the world worth losing your personal identity over!


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