Pirated E-books Hit Android Market; Headache for Google

January 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Piracy is such a headache, for the owner of the work and now, for Google too. Yes, the Android Market is – well, was  –  giving away pirated copied of bestsellers like the Harry Potter series through their apps.

The e-books apps were added earlier this month by a publisher called UKER. It featured the entire texts of the series, but of course in poor quality, available for single dialogue. UKER also added novels of Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell and Stieg Larsson.

Things are not settled just because the app has been removed; it was popular with downloaders. You know what is the rather bigger issue here?

Android Market’s loose approval controls are prone to exploitation by pirates. And, also people can upload malware infected apps to thousands of people’s Android phones and tablets.

While Google has no other option but to do something to save its face, you might be thinking Apple was smart to set up super strict rules for the App Store.

You are not exactly right; that did not help Apple stay away from pirates. A group of Chinese writers are suing Apple due to the App Store selling pirated versions of their works. Aha.

Have trouble believing our word? Well Rupert Murdoch says Google is the piracy leader. We are sure Google wants to lose the tag.

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