In Icons Drops Plan to Make Steve Jobs Doll, Following Pressure from Jobs family and Apple

January 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fan-dom can take any crazy ways and can be used well for making money too.

Tandy Cheung, head of the Hong Kong-based In Icons Company, was claiming that it was his adoration towards Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, that made him think of producing a figurine of Jobs and share it with other fans.

However, Cheung has ultimately dropped the plan, as a lot of pressure came from both Apple and Steve Jobs family.

Though we don’t really understand how just fan-dom can push somebody to sell a 12 inch figure of a celebrity who is no more to make money, a statement published on the In Icons website says that the production and selling of the controversial doll has been ceased as Cheung respects the feelings of Steve Jobs’ family.

Apple has earlier sent a cease or desist notice to the company warning legal implications if they go on with the production plans. However, Cheung was adamant, at least on the record, that he will produce the doll.

The figure clad in typical Jobian wardrobe of black turtleneck and jeans wearing frameless glasses would have, actually, made a reap in the market.

Though the statement made by Cheung stresses that In Icons have not used any Apple brand names or products, the kit which went on pre-sale in January had a chair and a holdable Apple to use with the figure. Apple alleged that the company is creating a product that resembles the “technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance, or likeness of its products.”

China’s MIC gadget also tried making money with Steve Jobs dolls in 2010 but ended up like Cheung, dropping the plan in the face of pressure from Apple. However, the move has skyrocketed the price and demand for the available Steve Jobs dolls on eBay and other online shopping places, as collectors started running for the rare pieces.

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