Apple iOS Users Make Four Times More App Purchases than Android Users

January 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You know about the rivalry between Google products and Apple products as far as smartphone or the handheld world is concerned. Android, with its everyday expanding popularity, has stridden a long distance too.

But when comparing the revenue generation on the app markets, who leads the line? As per figures, Apple’s iOS mobile platform is selling more apps than the rival Android Market.

It is so, not because Apple device users have more money, but basically due to some issues with usability and habit – or so it seems. The fact became bare when video calling service Tango made a comparison between the rates of conversion of its users from the basic service to paid service.

The app that had two million subscribers on both Android and iOS, among which 55 percent was on the Android platform, shockingly found the conversion rate is four times more among iOS users.

If you look into the reasons of it, everybody has their own theory. However, what we feel is that Google used to give almost everything as free of cost and almost all Google lovers upgrade to a premium service only if they think it is indispensible and worth.

Meanwhile, an average iOS user has more chances of making payments for additional services. Moreover, iTunes, being the pioneering successful application which habituated music purchase online for many, has cast its influence on iOS users.

However, a point worth noting about these platforms is that the iOS platforms allowed storing the credit card information on your device earlier itself, so that purchases are easier.

Though Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android OS, allows loading credit card info into the device, a large community of Android users has not yet migrated to Ice Cream Sandwich as yet.

Though the point looks interesting, we think that the gap between the users of these two OS platforms in making online purchases will eventually melt away as new generation users will have no much difference in their online purchase habits.

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