Sony F65 CineAlta Adds to Motion Picture Camera Lineup

January 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, this one has lots of features in it  to make you excited big time. Sony has introduced their F65 CineAlta motion picture camera that supports the newest 4K technology. The company is hoping to enhance their position in the industry with the introduction of this novel electronic device.

The company has officially revealed the F65 CineAlta at an exclusive ceremony, and the announcement has come in conjuncture with the Sony Open golf tournament, in which the company’s executives attended.

Otto Nemenz, president of Hollywood-based motion picture rental company, Otto Nemenz International, was presented with the F65 CineAlta unit with the serial number 10001.

This marked the beginning of sales of this wonderful piece of professional motion picture snapping device. Do we have to tell you about the business behind the primary presentation of the device to a person in Hollywood industry?

In an appearance, Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corporation said:

“The delivery of this first F65 represents a significant technological advancement for content creators and we are excited to see what filmmakers will create with this new tool.”

Since its announcement, the F65 CineAlta has achieved a wonderful acceptance from the people across the globe. The pre-orders for the device have escalated up to 400 units.

Somebody somewhere had once said that no good things will ever end. Don’t you agree the statement is absolutely true in the case of Sony Corp?

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