One More Reason Not to Buy a PC

January 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yes, it is sort of obvious that the PC industry is dying hard, partly because of the smartphone and tablet revolution. What we are talking about is virtualization on mobile devices.

Of course, it has not sprung out of nowhere. We have had remote access mobile solutions for some time now. But what is new? Read on to find out.

Citrix’s GoToMyPC or LogMeIn’s Ignition, for instance allows a mobile device to interact with the desktop of a Windows PC at home.

These let you do tasks like working on a Word document from an Android tablet. But things are going further, with confidence, as the chips that power smartphone and tablets are improving significantly.

Thanks to that, you can now actually do stuffs like playing a graphics intense PC game through your tablet, say the Asus Transformer Prime using Splashtop software. The game is actually being played on the PC, but through a tablet. Cool, isn’t it?

Oh, that is so not it.  OnLive has a virtualization service that lets you connect a Windows machine in the cloud, which basically means you need not own a computer to use one. It would be a PC running on the web. EC2 on Amazon’s Web Services also offers similar service.

The time when people stop buying a PC and start renting one on the cloud is not eons away. That is a big hit the PC industry cannot duck.

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