Lumus PD-18-2 Hands Free Display Spectacles to Hit Consumer Markets

January 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all stand for portability, right? When technology tried to give us maximum portability, we found desktops shrinking to laptops, laptops to tablets and smartphones. Well, here is a new military technology which is turning to the civilian market which is almost going to solve the issue of portability of displays in the gadgets.

Israeli company Lumus is planning a peculiar cutting edge technology spectacle that will allow the user to see the display of their devices right in front of their eyes. Moreover, these specs allow the users to see through the image so that the display will not block their vision.

Dubbed PD-18-2, the new display is nothing but a big pair of goggles with Light-guide Optical Element technology which helps this device to collect image components from a micro display included in it and projects them into the eye of the user, making a virtual image of SVGA resolution.

The company is already producing such glasses for professionals like surgeons and military personnel, but thinks that it will be a quick hit in the consumer market at a time when innovative display technologies are sold as hot cakes.

However, criticism has popped against it turning into popular use because already people are making a lot of mess by looking only on their display while texting and tripping on obstacles.

Some of the tech gurus say that such a display technology will distract the user’s attention even if the images are see-through, causing more issues.

Well, we  feel that way too, but nay-sayers alone cannot just stop the technology going up. If the users find it handy, this hands-free display technology is going to stand the test of time.


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