Buy This Racing Simulator For $32,000

January 16, 2012, By Christian Davis

If you’re reading this on DeviceMAG right now, odds are, you’re a baller. So, being a baller, you have so much money that you have no idea what you’re going to do with all of it. The mounds of cash are undoubtedly burning a hole in your pocket and you need to spend a large amount of it on something pronto.

If you happen to be an avid gamer, racing simulator enthusiast, and of course, a baller, then I may have a solution for you that will satisfy all of those categories. CES 2012 was great this year and we saw a lot of spectacular things that varied in all spectrums of electronic entertainment. Including racing simulators. NVIDIA has really got a thing for expensive products and their latest investment known as the VRX iMotion is one of their most expensive.

What is the VRX iMotion? It’s the ultimate racing simulator for the person who just has money to spend — and lots of it. The VRX will cost you a solid $32,000. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “For that much money, couldn’t I just buy a real car or two?”


That doesn’t stop it from being awesome though. This simulator is compatible with all consoles including the PC and is even powered by the same technology that they use in film and TV.

So if you really want to experience what it’s like to drive into oncoming traffic via Burnout, this is the product for you.

[Editors note: I agree that you could buy a real car for this price, but not a race car.  Just think of all the money you will save in gas and tires.  Also, if you crash another $20,000 or more in repairs is saved.  You may also want to buy the Sony F65 CineAlta motion picture camera and record your races.]

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