Apple iPad 3 to Sport LTE and Quad Core Processor

January 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like there will be many upgrades in the next gen iPad. Well yes, last week we heard about the slightly thicker body and upgraded front and rear facing cameras.

Then there was the news of a higher resolution display at 1536 x 2048 pixels. Now, rumors suggest that the new iPad will also have LTE support and quad core processor.

Apparently, Long Term Evolution is coming to the iPad before the iPhone because, as one of the sources sad, the tablet has a bigger battery and can better support the power requirements of the LTE radios. We have not come across LTE rumors for the iPad before, so this is a solid first.

Coming to the quad core chip, references were recently found in the iOS 5.1 beta, asserting the point that Apple has plans to roll out quad core chips on its devices soon.

We also hear that Apple might start the production of its next gen tablet as early as this month so that it can hit the stores by March.

Yet another report claims that the iPad had begun already production.

LTE would be the best addition to the capabilities of the iPad. Do you agree?

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