Microsoft Windows/Office on Apple iPad, FREE!

January 15, 2012, By George Lang

With very little notice, online gaming company, OnLive, announced its new Apple iPad App Store offering. It happened at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas; and, for the very first time, it puts the Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop and Office 2010 on your iPad… For FREE!

OnLive is known for its streaming online gaming services, so it is not much of a leap to offer office productivity applications via the same Cloud-based format. The shocking aspect is the zero cost factor. Not to be outdone, I am going to, for the first time in history, put two videos in one of my articles… For FREE! Here is the first, brought to you by my man (or is it my quintessential Geek) Chris Perillo (a.k.a. LockerGnome).

The second video, from Kevin Purcell at GottaBeMobile, is a bit less ecstatically positive, more down-to-Earth, and provides some real insight into the reality of the new OnLive, Microsoft service. Pay particular attention to the typing latency factor Kevin reveals. This is one thing that OnLive should be better at than most other Cloud service companies, because online gaming (their supposed expertise) is very demanding for streaming bandwidth and “thin-client” type applications.

You can register for and download the new OnLive service at the Apple iPad App Store or at As Kevin tells us in the video, there are other, inexpensive Microsoft Office-compatible apps out there for the iPad which run on the iPad itself; i.e., instead of coming from a Cloud service. This one is the only one that gives you genuine Microsoft Office for FREE! Considering the complete suite sells for $499 retail, I’d say that’s a bargain at any speed.

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