Watch Out for the Casio EX-ZR15; The Digicam is a Fast Shooter

January 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been raining Casio cameras at the CES. The company announced the EX-ZR15, touted for its speed, along with many other cameras.

The new ZR15 is powered by Casio’s Exilim Engine HS, which means the cam is capable of shooting snaps with a 0.29 second gap and starting up in 0.99 seconds.

The camera has a 16 megapixel sensor that can shoot video at 1080p. Its 28mm lens is wide enough to capture shots of friends and family, and its f3 aperture does not let you down in low light.

The company wants to be known for making the best and quickest point and shoot cameras, using which you can simply to fire off snaps.

It also incorporates the now usual compact features of art filters and intelligent panoramas as well as other image processing tech.

The other cameras introduced by Casio are EX-ZS150, EX-ZS20, EX-ZS12, and EX-ZS6, which come with similar features as the EX-ZR15.

They all pack a 16 megapixel sensor and an easy mode with an on screen guide, to help you shooting and auto face focusing.

The ZS150 comes with a wider 24mm lens, as compared to the rest of the cameras, which feature a 26mm lens. The ZS150 has a 12x optical zoom and the EX-ZS20 comes with 6x zoom and 5x is for the ZS12 and ZS6.

The cameras will be available in a fair number of colors, including like black, gold, silver and pink.

Shipping is expected to start shipping in April and the price starts at $119. The EX-ZR15 will be yours for $329.

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