Intel Still Thinks Netbooks are Valuable as Secondary Devices

January 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, what does Intel think about their game? We already told you how they are planning to pull a unified smartphone reference architecture to the smartphone market to make a buck out of it.

Then what do they plan? We guess they are not yet to leave away the seemingly failing netbook devices. As per Intel’s top brass at the Customer Electronics Show (CES) atLas Vegas, the company is still thinking netbooks have some future.

To be clear, they think it is time to help people to make an informed decision, rather not a confused decision, while choosing between netbooks and laptops.

As more powerful devices, like the now popular tablets, started showing their presence in the handheld devices market, many predicted that the death bell has started ringing for genres like netbooks.

The assumption was reasonable to bank on, as the market performance of the netbooks has started showing a decline, after their golden period in 2008. Well, Intel thinks that netbooks, although seemingly ditched by the customers, will do good, if they demarcate the difference between netbooks and competition gadget genres through better specs differences.

Intel is confident that they can make a success story at the net book genre, if they move in such a way. For the Intel think tanks, netbooks still hold value as secondary devices.

The plot will be elaborate when you join the dots to their plan to push full hardware specs of the smartphone environment through the unique architecture for smart phones. Well, what do you think? Will it change the game?

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