Ultrabook Market is Indeed Riding High; MacBook Air Sales Climb Too

January 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know this? Apple sold 1.2 million units of the MacBook Air even as the whole world bore testimony to the fourth-quarter notebook shipments dropping by 8.7 percent to 48.59 million. A total of 1 million units of the MacBook were sold in the third quarter.

Well yeah, it’s not big news. But CES is. This time at Las Vegas, the vendors are planning hoping to make wonders in the market with their ultrabooks like Apple did with the MacBook Air.

HP is showing off their Envy 14 Spectre, the company’s first consumer-oriented ultrabook. It sports a unique finish covered in Corning’s durable and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

Samsung is touting their refreshed Series 9, which was initially on display at last year’s CES. But this time, it has lost some weight and now boasts a 1,600 x 900 resolution display. The notebook will be available starting February 27, in both 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch models.

Acer is showing off their 14-inch and 15-inch Timeline ultrabooks at the CES. These are said to be thinner than the company’s last-generation models. In addition to this, Acer is working on a 15-inch ultrabook that will sell for $699. If you haven’t heard, company Chairman J T  Wang had recently pointed to $699 as the right price point to increase sales volumes for ultrabooks.

Lenovo does not want to be left out of course. They are promoting their IdeaPad U310 and U410 thin and lightweight laptops. The company is also targeting business users with the T430u ultrabook, which will be powered by Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processor. The 14-inch T430u will sell for $849, from Q3.

The Ivy bridge chip will feature in many ultrabooks in addition to the MacBook. Those whose dream is to topple down apple should hence focus on price and features.

Price is an advantage, as the ultrabooks are expected to be sold at $50-100, which is way behind the $999 starting price of the MacBook Air.

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