Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor to Bring Wi-Fi Display to Android Devices in June

January 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What if displays go Wi-Fi? It may not be so strange at a time when almost everything is Wi-Fi. Qualcomm is planning to add their part to this story.

They will soon be delivering the Wi-Fi Display technology to Android devices anywhere near this summer time. The technology, in simple terms, will help users to share screen content of their handheld devices with digital displays, TV or Monitors without the help of the messy cables.

It works through a direct, peer-to peer connection established with TVs and projectors through an industry standard known as WI-Fi Direct. Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm will be the hero to bring Wi-Fi Display to the Android smartphones.

Android 4.0 is already capable of supporting Wi-Fi Direct so the Wi-Fi Display will have no more issues from the platform side to delay its launch.

If the certification process of the Wi-Fi alliance does not drag out so long, you might get to read a review of the new Wi-Fi Display enabled Snapdragon S4 device by the month of June.

Then comes the case of the existing S4 devices and the projectors and TVs without the Wi-Fi Direct compatibility.

Well, the existing S4 devices will get the power to connect to display without wires through an over-the-air firmware update, to be issued as soon as the certification process is over.

For the displays, a dongle will be rolled out in the market, hopefully with a price tag lesser than $100.

Wi-Fi Display-enabled consumer electronics devices can detect each other and establish secure connections with each other easily. That means you can just lean on your sofa while watching clip played in your smartphone on the digital display in your room.

The future is brighter, as analysts predict that almost all customer electronics devices will be Wi-Fi Direct enabled by 2014, which means better chances for the popularization Wi-Fi Display technology too.

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