Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Update and Chromebox Coming Soon

January 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Good news for Sammy fans here. Samsung is updating their Series 5 Chromebook to add some more speed to it. The update will find the machine ditch its Atom processor for a Celeron.

Though many of you may frown upon the Celeron choice, the present N570 Atom processor on the Series 5 Chromebook is slower in performance.

Well, don’t dream more on the updated machine, as the update doesn’t touch the basic specs of the machine. It will be still running on Chrome OS with a 16 GB SSD RAM, but possibly, faster than earlier.

In fact, the updated machine has more than just a processor swap. The slick cover is believed to be traded for something more muted in design.

The update comes as Chromebooks have been vehemently criticized by detractors as a machine running just a browser and browser apps. The neutral guys, who didn’t ditch the Series 5 machines, really hated the sluggish performance of the browser in it.

Swapping Atom with Celeron, may give better experience for such folks, as the update rolls out to the market soon.

If you are interested, market gurus close to Samsung says the updated version will hit the market by the second quarter of 2012.

The price? We guess it will start from $399 for the Wi Fi only version and $50 more for the 3G model.

Well, you may like it or not, Sammy has no dearth of Chrome plans, as they are about to roll out Chromebox, a tiny desktop tailored to run the Chrome OS. The kid comes with five USB 2.0 ports, a DVI port and a headphone jack.

It may also join the party right in the second quarter of the year, for a $400 price tag.

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