Make Way for Path; Social Networking Among the Most Loved Ones

January 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Okay, Facebook and Twitter are more like the synonyms of social networking. How many of you know about Path, the smartphone social networking app that arrived some time ago? Path 2 premiered in November and we should say its interface is simply amazing.

One thing that makes Path stand apart from – let’s say – the conventional social networks is that it lets you add only 150 friends – the list is supposed to consist only of loved ones and close friends. Stupid? Not really, if you want something that is more personal and meaningful.

The current version of Path, according to Harry McCracken, feels like what Facebook could have been if it were invented by a bunch of smart Silicon Valley types in 2011 rather than by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room in 2004.

It’s more sophisticated and more mobile, and it lacks all the bloat that Facebook has accumulated over the past eight years. And, because it doesn’t have all that many members yet, there’s no hustle and bustle.

Well, Facebook started out as something to keep in touch with the people you know in real life. But with the new features like subscription and all, things are becoming lesser and lesser personal. Have your post got comments from total strangers who pop up just to make that comment and vanish off? That is sort of our point.

Loic Le Meur said in a blog post, despite Facebook’s efforts to add “who you can share to” features most people feel that what Facebook wants more and more is for you to share everything in public.

It’s the default setting. Path fills that gap for some people; it created a small place where you can hang out online anytime with your close friends and it does a superb job at pinging you all the time about them. And that’s okay, since they’re your close friends, you do want to hear about them all day long.

He also said that it is not implausible that Path is on the right track of social networking.

Would you prefer a smaller personal circle to a huge one with majority of unknown faces? Then Path is your thing.

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