The Drunken Moogle Combines Two Of The Best Things In The World, Alcohol And Gaming

January 9, 2012, By Christian Davis

Whenever I sit at home and play games, a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey is usually within arms reach. You may see that as a problem, but I see it as a game enhancer. The website Drunken Moogle seems to agree with me since it’s a website dedicated to gaming based alcoholic drinks. Have you died and gone to heaven? Absolutely!

There’s a lot to gain from this website actually, aside from the obvious drunken stupor you’ll receive from trying all of these wonderful gaming and geek culture based drinks. The Tumblr powered website is run by two guys (from what I can tell) that go by the names of Mitch Hutts and Travis Broyles. These two scour the internet and their liquor cabinets for the best combinations of gaming and booze. These guys are heroes.

Most of the drinks you’ll find are based off video games but there are several that are just based in geek culture whether it be anime, comics, movies, etc… There are even recommendations for some awesome cups, glasses, and mugs to enjoy the beverages out of. The best part is that they include the recipes on how to make these drinks at home.

So what kind of drinks will you find on The Druken Moogle? The Portal 2 Cocktails (shown above) are definitely a great way wet your whistle with. It’s visually appealing and just looks delicious. Or their newest drink, the Batman Arkham Party which has shots for The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, and Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Head over to The Druken Moogle for even more awesome drinks and recipes.

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