Call Of Duty Elite Mobile App Launches Tomorrow On iOS, Next Week On Android

January 9, 2012, By Christian Davis

Now you can show your friends how you went 53 -0 on your favorite map, with your favorite gun, while only being called a racial slur twice on the go with the Call of Duty Elite Mobile App. No point in waiting until you get home and read it to them over the internet. Do it while your in school like the real gamer you are. Who needs to study when you can boast about your kill death ratio?

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Beachhead Studios head, Chacko Sonny, had in mind for the free Call of Duty Elite Mobile App being released tomorrow.

There are four primary areas that the mobile app will cover:

  • Career Summary : General information of your stats the other players that you’ve played.
  • Recent Matches: Post game stats for up to the past 10 games including, kill/death ratios, scores, and map information for you and other players in that game.
  • Challenge Tracker: Tracks progress for specific challenges.
  • Customize Classes: Edit class loadouts including killstreaks, weapons, weapon attachments, etc… All of these can be brought to the game as well and be ready to go when you log on.
Any changes made in the mobile app that affect in-game options will be exported to consoles and when you log-in, you’ll be prompted on whether you want to accept the changes.
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