Apple iPhone 4S is Data-Hungry

January 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new study released by mobile network monitoring firm Arieso revealed that Apple’s iPhone 4S is data-hungry. There is more to it; the newest iPhone was found to consume twice as much data as the iPhone 4 and three times as much as the iPhone 3G, which the company used as a baseline.

Arieso’s study covered over 1 million subscribers on a single European network. It also found that the iPhone 4S has the highest downlink data volumes of any phone measured in.

And when it comes to uplink volume, it came in at second to the Android-powered HTC Desire S, with a small margin. But not all the customers use data in the same proportion and a small number of them are responsible for high consumption numbers.

Arieso reveals that 1 percent of mobile subscribers now account for half of all downloaded data. What is the reason though? Is it Siri?

Bloomberg says Siri is responsible, quoting Arieso’s CTO Michael Flanigan saying voice is the ultimate human interface. However, a recent study conducted by Ars Technica, finds Siri should not add that much data usage to a user’s monthly total, even with very frequent use.

Also the iPhone 4S was among the top along with many Android devices with high data consumption. Well, Android does not have Siri.

So it is more likely that better mobile network infrastructure, more apps with higher data demands and consumers becoming more comfortable using them, plus higher-resolution image and video being shared to and from mobile devices accounts for most of the increase. Keep track of your data usage and the caps if you do not want your next bill to come with a pretty bad surprise.

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