Facebook Users Need an “Actions” Plan

January 6, 2012, By George Lang

Last month DeviceMAG told you about the new Facebook Timeline release which is rolling out now. Just when you are starting to be surprised on a daily basis by that visionary occurrence, Facebook has some new, potentially eye-opening surprises for you starting now: It’s the Actions movement of their three-part symphony-like, Open Graph initiative including Timeline, Ticker, and Actions elements. It was announced this past September at the f8 developer conference.

Some of the “Actions” have already started popping up without us really knowingly approving them. For instance, many of us have added the musical Spotify application to our Facebook profiles. What you might not realize is that Spotify will now be automatically posting any media you play on your Facebook wall. Some may like that idea; others might be in for a big surprise.

To change the default setting in Spotify that allows these postings to take place, simply click on “Preferences…” in the application’s “Edit” menu and deselect “Show what I listen to on Facebook.” Similar default automation will take place for readers of books and viewers of videos: “We’re currently focused on the rollout of Timeline, which already features several apps in the news, music and video categories. In the coming weeks, Timeline apps will launch in more categories, including fitness, sports, food, and travel,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat (SocialBeat).

All Facebook users would be wise to adopt a plan of action in connection with their use of this new “frictionless” sharing initiative. You are all out there now, whether you like it or not. How far out there you are depends on how you set things up. If you let them set things up for you, you might be in for some big surprises very soon!

A classic old fellow Scout leader used to advise, “As you go through life each day, just imagine your grandmother is looking over your shoulder at each thing you do, and you will be just fine.” (Anderson) Well, grandma Zuckerberg is now poking “her” snoopy little head over your shoulder one more time folks!

Our advice: Don’t get taken; start your own privacy initiative.

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