Say Hello to the Toaster-like iPhone Dock

January 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Were you a bit too awed by a toaster to say it out loud? Now you don’t have to think twice, because it was not just you who thought “wow” about the toaster.

You are in the elite company of the guys over at Gavio, an audio accessories brand, which has come up with an iPhone dock which is very much inspired by the good old toaster. The TOAST speaker dock with rounded retro lines looks just like a shiny metal toaster that comes across as pretty useful in your busy everydays.

But this one is a little different from the other toaster. It has only one slot, and on the inside there is not heating element, but a speaker and a 3 watt amplifier.

And do not worry about plugging it in; it has got a built-in Li-Ion battery as well. The dial on the front, as you might have guessed already, is for adjusting the volume.

But the purpose of the toast plunger is still in the dark. There is no word on the pricing or availability of the dock.

We hope it hits the shelves in early 2012. One thing though, you can’t toast your bread in this one.

It would have been cool if your iPhone speaker dock could toast your bread as well, right?

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